About Us

Empedrada Ranch and Lodge is located 25 minutes from Caral, the oldest civilization in America, at approximately 200 km north of Lima, Peru. We offer 22 fully equipped rooms, a dining room that serves traditional plates and an outdoor pool.

During the period between February and April, due to the flooding caused by the river, the main entrance route used to visit Caral is not available to our guests. Instead, the one used is Huaura – Poblado de Acaray – Empedrada Lodge and takes up to two hours to reach the citadel of Caral. We suggest our visitors to plan their visit especially during this period.

Additionally, the hotel has designed spaces for gatherings surrounded by the impressive view of the valley and the fields, as well as a reading area filled with books related to Caral and other historical places in Peru. To finish your day, we invite you to relax and have a good time at the Miraya Lounge Bar.

As a part of the experience, we teach the cycle of both avocado and tangerine trees, understand the vital role of mother trees in the development of the large hectares and their nourishment.  We encourage our guests to take a walk through the valley and enjoy the panoramic view with all of their senses as it is one of the best energetic experiences. You will be able to feel revitalized by being surrounded by nature.